Individual development and integration of accounting automation systems based on 1C

We have over 15 years of experience in the development and implementation of accounting automation systems at enterprises. We study the peculiarities of your business. We clarify your technological processes. And only then, we recommend solutions suitable for the company.

Alexandr Polevoi - Financial Director

Good afternoon, dear colleagues! I want to thank you for the productive and excellent work with you. Thank you for your very flexible and friendly approach to the company and to me personally, for your openness and attitude, professionalism and objectivity. It is very pleasant to work with such people. I am more than sure that we will continue our cooperation, but on other projects. Thank you very much!

Oxana – Accountant of 1st category

I created a quarterly report 2-INV in 1C, and also I uploaded it in XML format on the website Everything worked out impeccably! Thanks to all META employees for their professional work!

Galina - Chief Accountant

Our work with Meta Sistem, with which we cooperate on the platform «1C Enterprise» we can appreciate as being excellent! This is our assessment of all areas of cooperation, and there is nothing more to add!

Z Outlet
Elena - Chief Accountant

Our cooperation with Meta Sistem completely satisfies us, all the deadlines are met. The work with this company - is the provision of assistance in working with the 1C program as soon as necessary and a friendly service. This is a fruitful collaboration.

Tirex Petrol
Alexey Martalog – Financial Director

We have been cooperating with Meta Sistem for the second year already, we entrust them fully the support of our 1C accounting system. We appreciate the responsibility in work and professionalism, therefore we are sure that this cooperation will last for a very long time.

Galina - Chief Accountant

I would like to recommend the guys from Meta Sistem as great professionals in their field. The consultant is always in touch, always trying to understand and quickly resolve every issue that arises in relation to the 1C program. It is just a pleasant work experience.

Mariana - Chief Accountant
Thank you for your competence and individual approach. We have a configuration customized by Meta Sistem employees to the peculiarities of our work. Fast, convenient and error-free, exactly the way an accounting system should work.
Liudmila Orhei - Chief Accountant

We highly recommend the company Meta Sistem as an excellent provider of automated accounting solutions. Over the course of several years of our joint work, we have gradually developed a configuration that is focused specifically on our mechanics of work: «cutting off what is unnecessary and adding what is needed».

Alexei Colosov – Technical Director

At the moment, we are working with Meta Sistem on a new configuration for trade and cash operations. The project is quite voluminous, the work is carried out in blocks, each part is discussed and certified in advance. I would like to note the professionalism of the technical director of the company and the attentiveness to our opinion and our wishes.

Easy Сredit
Ruslan Turcanu – Financial Director

We have been cooperating with Meta Sistem for more than four years. I would like to express my special thanks to the consultants. The configuration, customized for micro-crediting, has greatly facilitated the work of our accounting department. Thanks again for the professionalism and individual approach.

Individual development

Sometimes you need to make so many changes to the standard configuration of the program that it is more rational to code an individual solution from scratch.

Multi-channel consultation line

Mon - Fri

The cost of support is indicated with VAT.

Standard support includes a periodical update of the 1C: Accounting for RM, as well as consultations on the work in the program by our specialists.


The cost of support is indicated without VAT.

The cost of support packages is calculated for signing a contract from 6 months

and modifications

It is impossible to create a perfect configuration without feedback from the system user.

Your employees may need an additional field or another feature in the report. To do this, we continue to support the project.

To comply with national accounting standards would be also useful a periodical update of your accounting configuration.


1C: Enterprise 8
Accounting for Moldova
6000 MDL
1C: Enterprise 8
Accounting for Moldova. Set for 5 users
12600 MDL
1C: Enterprise
Trade Management for Moldova
8400 MDL
1C: Enterprise 8
Retail 8 for Moldova
6000 MDL
1C: Enterprise 8
Retail 8 for Moldova. Set for 5 users
12600 MDL
1C: Enterprise 8
Company Management for Moldova
7500 MDL
1C: Enterprise 8
Company Management for Moldova. Set for 5 users
13500 MDL
1C: Enterprise 8
Client license for 1 workplace
2400 MDL
1C: Enterprise 8
Client license for 5 workplaces
8300 MDL
1C: Enterprise 8
Client license for 10 workplaces
15800 MDL
1C: Enterprise 8
Client license for 20 workplaces
29800 MDL
1C: Enterprise 8
Client license for 50 workplaces
71400 MDL
1C: Enterprise 8
Client license for 100 workplaces
137200 MDL

Standard configurations

Such a platform may be suitable for retail businesses, for example

Our company will adopt the accounting system for you as much as possible and will train your employees to work in the program. This tool will allow you, over time, to scale your business without diluting the quality of your product.

Development of mobile applications based on 1C

Most 1C users don’t know that it is possible to create a mobile app based on it. However, it is possible)) We will create this convenient tool for you.

  • It allows sales agents to accept requests on points of sales points
  • It allows the manager to track key metrics even on the go
  • It allows logistics specialist to track orders in transit
  • It increases the efficiency of the warehouse employee

Areas of activity that we have automated

We will select a suitable software product for you, and if there is none, we will write

Our experience in 1C implementation in the Republic of Moldova lets us know for sure what software products Moldovan companies need.
We have got ready-made solutions that may be implemented in the company’s processes, in as short a time as possible.
We have managed to automatise the recording in different fields of business, over thirteen years of our activity. Hence, we will find a solution for you too for sure.


Indirect expenses


Credit questionnaire
Per cent and penalty calculation
Debtors recording


Order status
Materials recording


Plant cultivation
Animal breeding


Retail sales

Car service:

Repair order
Inventory recording
Piecework payment

Fuelling station management:

Fuel for employees
Evaporation recording


Cost estimates
Projects recording

How we are working?

Stages of development and integration of the accounting automation system
Requirements Capture
Acceptance of requirement description
Delivery of the task to the customer

Our clients

International IT company with an office in Moldova
Confectionery products’ distributor. Edible oil production
Logistics and retail sale of petroleum products. Petroleum products retail station’s network
Sale of medicaments. “Farmacia Felicia” pharmacy network
Camera de Comerț și Industrie a RM
Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Moldova
Casa de comert Vita
Official distributor of Vita juices and Apa Buna water
Easy Credit
Private credit institution with a network throughout Moldova
Exterior Security Systems
Security equipment importer and distributor
Furnizare Energie
Private producer and supplier of electricity
Personal and property security company

Official representative of Kärcher equipment in Moldova

Laser Processing

Automotive bearing manufacturer in Romania

Lender Agroprim
Producer of grains and oilseeds in Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic (PMR)
Mineral SA
Extraction and production of building materials

Flight and air transportation control center of the Republic of Moldova

Manufacturer and exporter of gas equipment
Automotive parts and accessories. Car service network
Construction company. Manufacture of building materials
Production of packaging materials
Wine company. Tourist center
Importer and distributor of petroleum products in Moldova. Gas station network
Solvex Lux
Beauty salons network Official representative of a number of global brands
Tirex Petrol
Wholesale and retail trader of petroleum products. Petroleum products retail station’s network
Import and logistics of medicaments
Будинок Комфорту
Eficient Media

Frequently Asked Questions

The more complex the accounting automation system project is, the more questions the user has about its operation and making corrections.

“If you don’t measure, you don’t manage”

Some of the greats.

Sometimes we work with clients who have no idea what the gross profit of their enterprise is. This is because the calculation of this data takes so much time and human resources that the owners of the company can only afford to obtain this data once a year.

This is a vivid example of what a large multi-level enterprise can do without integrating accounting automation systems.

As long as your enterprise does not track and record the main metrics, you are not able to fully manage your project. Your business is like a ship without a steering wheel and windows in the holds: it is definitely moving, but no one knows where.

When you start tracking the key metrics of your project, you become an effective company. You can compare planned and actual data by department or even by employee. You can specifically understand which employee brought you the money and how much.

The downside of a lot of information is problems when trying to process all the data manually. It is a long, often inefficient task and with a large number of errors due to the human factor.