We create complex unique sites

We will develop and launch projects of the Facebook, Amazon, YouTube level. It is convenient to create an online business and launch startups with us.

Very Important Lot
Cardanov Valerii - Director of the Company

I have been working with the company Meta Sistem for over a year. The company is distinguished by its professionalism in everything: the quality of preparation for the implementation of projects; quality of programming; quality control of its own work. I especially want to highlight the readiness and desire of employees to help with all emerging issues and problems, even sacrificing their free time from work.

Ecaterina Mortara - Director of the Company

The website is the face of my business. It was very important for me that the website corresponds to my VIP concept. The Meta team managed to bring my idea to life. I really like that I was trained how to use the administrative panel, and I can manage the website myself. Thank you very much for your work, the website is great! It was nice to work with you!

Gurkova Maria – Director General of the Company

I want to share our wonderful experience with the company Meta. We decided to open our own fitness game company in 2016. When I called Anton (Managing Partner), we discussed the project in detail with him, he listened to everything we needed, gave constructive advices, and within two or three days we already had an estimate for the entire project with very pleasant prices in comparison with other companies. All the work was done perfectly on time. Because we are in France, all our negotiations were conducted via Skype, and there were no difficulties in working at a distance. When some bugs or errors got out, at any time of the day, we contacted Olga, the leader of our project, and she always answered instantly, and the problem was solved. We are very satisfied with the work done, and we want to thank you for your implication and professionalism.

Nir Amihai & Co.
Olga Serebrianaya - Lawyer
Our law office needed a simple and convenient website. The Company Meta managed to implement a modern website in our chosen color range and style. Thanks to the company for their support and help!
Dio Plus SRL
Serghei Arama - Marketer

At the time of contacting the company Meta Sistem, we had a website, but it did not suit us. Meta System was chosen by chance, through a search engine. We turned to the company for revisions, but the company's manager recommended us to make a new website according to our requirements. I would especially like to note the friendliness of the staff and the attention to our wishes. We have successfully passed the intermediate stage of website creation. We continue our joint cooperation. Request: taking into account the peculiarities of managing the administrative part of the website, I would like to receive the necessary tips for work in the form of screenshots. It will be very accessible and convenient, especially if they are organized into categories. Thank you! I wish success and implementation of the most daring endeavors to this young, nice and ambitious team.

Janna Gorodetcaia - PR manager

Despite the large amount of work, the studio completed the order. The developers have embodied all our wishes, both regarding the design and the structure of the website. In addition, it should be noted, the creativity of the young studio team, which allows them to create modern designs and find original solutions to emerging problems.

Valerii Dimcov - Deputy Director

We were constantly having problems with the work of our old website. The products couldnt be downloaded, the placement of orders did not always work, what led to a loss of customers. We decided to contact the company Meta to create a new online store. Firstly, the work was completed on time and qualitatively, there are no problems with the catalogue, what is important for us and our customers.

Dmitriy Kuzmin - Manager

We never trusted large companies, we thought they were unreasonably increasing the cost and it is easier to contact a freelancer, we thought about this when we decided to create a website. But when we found out that our partners' programmer who created the website for them simply disappeared - we decided that we would not make the same mistake. And we were not wrong. A friendly manager, professional designer and programmers, it is very pleasant that the work is carried out by a real professional team. Money is no object.

Postolachi Anatolii - Director

Due to the fact that our company has expanded its activities by creating a new section, it became necessary to create a new website. We contacted the company Meta System. The website was developed qualitatively and on time, plus the project manager turned out to be a very nice young man. We are satisfied with our cooperation with Meta System.

Artur Barisev - Director, composer and sound designer

For a long time we were looking for someone to order the development of our website, finally we turned to the company "Meta" and it was right. The work was done at the highest level and for an adequate fee. The guys "got" the design right from the first time, it was approved almost instantly, and the website itself was ready even a few days before the deadline, for what reason we were pleasantly surprised. The technical support responds instantly, all points are discussed and solved without problems. The website is very fast and really pleasing to the eye. It was a pleasure for us to work with the company "Meta" and we will surely contact you again in the future.

Наши работы

We offer

WordPress Template Website

€ 590
1 month
  • admin panel to edit content
  • template and configuration
  • binding to domain and hosting
  • page display and menu setup
  • mailing setup
  • modules and plugins configuration
  • Google Analytics connection
  • training to work in the admin panel
  • month of free technical support

WordPress Custom
Design Website

€ 2900
2 months
  • individual design according to the brief
  • adaptive layout and testing
  • admin panel to edit content
  • feedback form
  • multilingualism
  • Google Analytics connection
  • GoogleMaps/Yandex maps connecting (without working with API)
  • SEO optimization module
  • training to work in the admin panel
  • month of free technical support

Framework Custom
Design Website

€ 4900
3 months
  • individual design according to the brief
  • adaptive layout and testing
  • individual CMS system coding and testing
  • admin panel to edit content
  • feedback form
  • multilingualism
  • Google Analytics connection
  • Google Maps/Yandex maps connecting (without working with API)
  • preparation for website SEO optimization
  • instructions for working in the admin panel
  • month of free technical support

Robot Website

€ 9900
4 months
  • individual design according to the brief
  • adaptive layout and testing
  • individual CMS system coding and testing
  • admin panel to edit content
  • user authorization/registration
  • personal dashboard with user profile
  • checkout process
  • multilingualism
  • Google Analytics connection
  • Google Maps connection via API
  • instructions for working in the admin panel
  • month of free technical support

Why us?

A fixed price for the whole project

We provide you with module options, approve the design with you and make changes, provide training on how to handle the website, and transfer it to hosting.

Project delivery date is known from day one

We set the approval and development delivery date at the contract execution stage. All this is achieved through the maintenance and strict observance of the production schedule.

We approve the design during a meeting with the client

The approval process takes place in our office with the participation of the designer. Thanks to this, the client gets exactly what he/she needs.

We create websites of high conversion in calls

We not only create websites, but we also develop high-conversion landing pages, perform A/B testing, and set up online advertising to attract new customers.


Your website is a reflection of your business, it either constantly grows and develops or “dies”.

After finishing the development and launching the website, you will most likely have a lot of ideas for additional functionality, new sections, or just decorative changes to your project.

25 / hour
30 / hour
300 or more hours
35 / hour
100 - 299 hours
40 / hour
30 - 99 hours
50 / hour
open time
Support cost depends on the monthly number of work hours. Prices not include VAT

How we are working?

Stages of development and integration of the accounting automation system
Collection and coordination of information
Main page design approval
Interior page design approval
Layout and programming
Project delivery to the client

Our clients


Wine company. Tourist center


Wine company. Tourist center


Furniture factory.


Chain of stores of clothing and footwear.


Automotive parts and accessories. Car service network

SanoDent Clinique

Dental clinic.


Integrated security systems.


Swiss food delivery service from restaurants.


French fitness competition.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most likely, you are not a programmer or a website development specialist, so questions are inevitable. We will be happy to answer them.

“If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business”

Bill Gates

Today the Internet is the best channel for attracting a large number of customers for your business. By 2020, the number of Internet users is more than 4 billion people. And many of these people are your potential customers.

When you decide to build your website, you are investing in growing your business! And it might be one of your best investments.

Types of sites being created

For the website to meet your goals, first you need to determine exactly what functionality it should have. For this, we perform with the client a preliminary collection of website technical requirements.

At this stage, we “lay the foundation” for a successful future project. We are not trying to sell our customers “standard solutions to the diverse problem”. We create a unique product that is ideal for your business.